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  • We offer our own pre-fab...This service increases the accuracy and efficiency of installations.
During the preconstruction period, we model the Plumbing Systems using the latest software tools for our industry. We coordinate our piping with other trades to avoid clashes in the field. This process takes a little time up front, but saves time and money during the installation phase which allows for shorter construction schedules and a more professional installation. Once the coordination or the model is completed, we can produce an accurate material list with precise pipe lengths and sizes. These lists are condensed to smaller sections of the system to produce what we refer to as a "spool". The spool shows the section of piping on a small diagram where each piece of the puzzle is numbered. These spool sheets are sent to our pre-fabrication department where they cut all of the pipe, assemble as much as they can, cut all the hangers and then palletize the spools to be sent to the job. Our field personnel then deliver the spools to the area in which they are to be installed. Since the pre-planning and cutting has already been done the piping goes in quickly. 


In many instances we are able to utilize a Robotic Total Station to aid in the "layout" of our systems which again saves time and money. Where 3D modeling has been accomplished we can upload "Points" to the Total Station which facilitates precise locations of all pipe penetrations, sleeves and even hangers. When hangers can be installed this way before concrete is poured, it increases safety dramatically because it prevents anchors from having to be drilled overhead later. Besides speeding up the layout process, using the Total Station increases the accuracy of our installations ensuring that the work is done right the first time.